The fiercely mountain in Malaysia known as Mount Kinabalu, Aki Nabalu or Reversed Ancestor by Kadazandusun, it is a crowning glory of Sabah and home of the abundant plants and animals. Kinabalu Park also is the first in Malaysia as UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.


The invigorating mountain air at Park Headquarters (1,500 m) and Mesilau Nature Resort (2,000 m) contrasts with the balmy temperature of Poring Hot Springs, in the Park’s eastern lowlands. Roughly 2 hours from Kota Kinabalu, the Hot Springs is very popular during school holidays.


A peril mountain such as Mount Trusmadi is suitable for those who seek for a very tough, challenge and tiring climb. Trusmadi is Malaysia’s second highest mountain at 2,642 metres and situated in the district of Tambunan. To reach the summit from the starting point, climbers will be trekking roughly 4.9km virgin rainforest which rich of special and unique flora and fauna.


You may need to bring item below for your convenience

Rain gear, hat, sunblock, warm clothing, cotton gloves, torchlight, sturdy walking shoes, change of clothes, a bottle of drinking water, energy food, personal medication, simple first aid kit for headaches, blister etc

Please take note:

  • The time and itinerary will be change based on weather condition and road condition.
  • The management reserves the right to change venue/postpone or cancel the tour /adjust the itinerary if weather condition jeopardize for the safety and well-being of the guest.
  • It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommend that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart disease, severe anemia, Peptic ulcers, Epileptic fits, Obesity (overweight), Chronic asthma, Muscular cramps, Hepatitis (jaundice); or any other disease which may hamper the climber.

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